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Types of Alarm System -- Wireless or Hardwired

Industry traditionalists will often claim that hard-wired alarm systems are superior, but modern technology has developed to the point where wireless security alarm systems are equally reliable. Wireless security alarm systems offer the advantage of needing very limited wiring. Each device has it's own battery, which is fully supervised by the control panel, so that you will always know when a battery is running low.

Design Criteria

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Following design criteria should be considered:

  • One or more keypads to arm and disarm alarm system. Ideally this keypad should be located near the door that you and your family members most frequently use.
  • Every exterior door should be protected with a door contact (either suface mount or concealed [if available]). Remember, over half the break and enters occured through the front or back door.
  • Access to the area of the Master Bedroom should be limited by the use of strategically located motion detectors acting as "trap" detectors. If your home is a split level or two-storey, a motion detector covering the base of the stairs leading to the bedroom level is often enough.
  • Installing contacts on ground floor windows is often very difficult, due to the need to fish wires through insulated exterior walls. Additionally, to provide full perimeter protection, one must install Glass Break Detectors in every ground floor room to provide detection of breaking glass, as well as a contact on each opening window, to detect the window being forced open. Motion detectors, when strategically placed, will detect an intruder who crosses it's path, no matter how the entry was made.
  • Additonal motion detectors should be considered in areas of the home that contain items of high value and which are attractive to thieves. Some such items are:
    • Televisions
    • VCR'S or DVD players
    • Stereo or Computer systems
    • Cameras
    • Jewellery
    • Art
    • Liquor/Alcohol
  • A siren that is clearly audible throughout the interior of the home is essential. It is not as necessary that the siren be audible outside the home. Neighbors should not be expected to put themselves in jeopardy responding to your alarm. To ensure response to an alarm situation, consider having your system monitored at an Insurance Approved monitoring station.