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Popular Security Myths

My Neighbours Are Always Home

Most burglars are very discrete. They usually select the most opportune moment to strike. Unless your neighbours spend day and night circling your home, you are at risk. Your neighbours take showers or baths, go shopping, speak on the phone, care for children, sleep and rarely pay attention to what is going on outside their home unless there is something that draws their attention, such as a loud crashing noise.

I Have A Big Dog

Although large barking dog will lower the odds of your home being under attack, several cases have been reported where the family pet was injured or even killed by the intruder. Besides, dogs and other pets can seldom be left in the home during extended absences such as vacations, long weekends at the cottage etc.

New "pet-friendly" security devices are now available, that permit your pet to move freely throughout the home when your alarm system is armed, without causing a false alarm.

Someone Is Always Home

The need for security certainly escalates if someone is home all, or most of the time. The number one reason for having a monitored security system installed, should be for personal protection.

Mom, Dad or children at home alone, are all potential targets for the growing number of home invasions.

Alarm systems offer protection against other potential killers as well, by incorporating detectors that sense the presence of smoke, natural gas or carbon monoxide. Environmental sensors can detect flooding, sump pump failure, low temperature and other potentially disastrous conditions.

We Have Nothing to Steal

Most homes are furnished with televisions, VCRs, a home computer and "personal heirlooms". Although your "personal heirlooms" may not have an intrinsically high price tag, many are irreplaceable. No amount of insurance can replace the sentimental value of the special wedding gift received from a favourite friend or relative. Small items such as family photos or a vase inherited from a favourite relative are irreplaceable.

Of course, thieves can also be cruel and resentful. Many people have suffered extra vandalism during a break-in, simply from spite that only a small amount of valuable merchandise was found.

We Have Insurance

Most people have insurance that will replace stolen items. Or will it?

The diamond ring passed down from your great grandmother - your grandfather's WWII medals of bravery - your 5-year old's castle lovingly constructed with popsicle sticks.

It's one thing to lose your computer, but have you ever considered the information stored on it?

There are many things insurance cannot replace - and every home has such things. Most of all, insurance cannot replace the peace of mind you had before becoming another statistic - nor can it repair the feeling of personal violation most victims experience.

Our Neighbourhood is Safe

Some neighbourhoods are safer than others. However there is no neighbourhood that is immune to crime.

Most districts are only perceived as safe, simply because you have not yet heard of the criminal activity that happens there. Often, victims feel embarrassed or violated and are reluctant to talk about their terrible experience.

Perception is not always reality.

Our Home is Secure

Concerned home-owners invest in good locks and exterior lighting. Some install automatic timers on interior lights and appliances.

All of these are good practices, and enhance the security of your home.

Sadly, locks can only keep honest people out! A determined thief can quickly discover whether anyone is home by simply ringing the doorbell. If someone answers, they often identify themselves as door-to-door salespersons or canvassers. If there is no answer, it's easy to gain access to most homes through windows or doors - no matter how sophisticated the locking system.

Security Systems are Too Expensive

This is the biggest myth of all and NOT true at all. Often, reduced insurance rates help to offset the cost of secuirty system.

offers monitored security systems for as little as NO MONEY DOWN! All you pay is a low monthly fee (usually less than $1.00 per day) that includes your monitoring at our Insurance-Industry approved (ULC-listed) Alarm Monitoring Center.